Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chillin' with weather issues

After March and its sudden showers, well known around here, we managed to get past awful May, and its famous ‘Saints of Ice’ (Sainte Glace ou Saints des Glaces) also part of French climate at that time of the year, having to deal with rain, awful wind and even hail, during 10 days. Never know how to dress or if it’s gonna be good enough to go through the whole day !
Hopefully and thankfully, that term of the year is behind us now. Let’s say hello to beautiful sunshine and mild weather ! Much more appreciated thank you !

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Total denim look

Hello sweeties ! Hello Sunday morning ! :) You all know how it is now... Quick post before another long one coming soon... I promise :S Total denim look worn quite a long time ago.

PS : Love you Daddy, Happy Father's day !

Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's new ?!

Okey this is where I'm gonna announce the sad news since I can't even drop it anywhere else - media like ! You might have noticed (or not ??!) that my Insta account hasn't been updated since a real long time (1 month I think !!) and here is the explanation : my phone litterally passed away/crashed last month, leaving me with an old Samsung Galaxy Spica, with no options at all :'( And as all of you know by now, I'm a total phone addict/geek, with an Instagram obsession... So yes, life's quite a bitch these days... That said, let's talk about more fashionable things. I wanted to show you this outfit, which is rather casual, as it was worn on a sunday to chill out, but it features a recent bought : new coral sneaks from VET AFFAIR ! Waiting for my next pair of VANS to come home (haven't chosed which one yet !), I thought it was the perfect mix between lowcost and trendy, for this type of skater sneaks :) (they only cost 10.00EUR !!) What do you think ?!


Everything is in the title today ! :) To make it short, this outfit was shooted during what should have seemed  to be a peaceful sunday afternoon out walking Gus in the woods near Essert. But it was without counting on the fact that we actually managed to get lost looking out for the car as we wanted to back up towards home ! I'll admit I wasn't that much at ease even if I trust my boyfriend on his sense of orientation, I started doubting at a moment :/ Outfit wasn't planned at all for the occasion... But still was confortable enough and thank God I had jeans and flat shoes on !

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