Thursday, September 19, 2013

September issue

Hello everyone ! Hope you're all fine ?! A bunch of posts concerning old looks from June/July and August are coming up, but I'll mention it in any case. I want to stay on a summer mode so much :) This is an another outfit, I might have worn to go to the 'Eu-ROCK-éennes' festival... (latest post - July outfit) I didn't for one simple reason : studs on that tshirt are very fragile and tend to fall out with every sudden movement. I so preferred avoiding losing them all and chose other outfits to go and dance.
I still love that rock festival style. Do you ?!

PPS : You can also notice my hair colour for the summer season (and for fall too I guess :D) in these pictures. I went for a complete brightening with a light tie and die on most of lengths and ends. What do you think ?! Like it ?!

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