Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gusti's birthday

Hey guys ! Hope you all had a fantastic festive season ?! Here I am back for a very special surprise! These last months have been so full, between the festive days, work, family dinners etc... I've been very busy including the blog. That's how I've been working on a few video projects to give you a little impression of those latest months without news. And it's not finished : we all have a lot of birthdays and celebration days coming up soon (my birthday on the 15th of February, St Valentin where I'll be on my own just like last year :'( Guillaume coming back home -if everything goes well !- on the 13th of March and the blog turning 2 years old two days later :D). A lot more will come pretty soon. To start, Gusti went 2 years old on the 28th of November 2012. I made up this video for this occasion, just to remind us three, about those fun and loving moments spent together. Two months and six days after that special 28th of November 2010, I remember how excited both of us were getting him introduced to his new home, we just never stopped caring about him since then ! Love you lots precious little one :) 

PS : Still on time, I wish to each and everyone of you a healthy and happy New Year ! :D

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