Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pink Panther

Staying on the pink mode, here are pictures from last year when I still had pink in my hear (miss it sooo much :'( ) AND tanned skin :'(. Outfit was then again very simple with my beloved pair of JENNYFER jeans (miss them so much, but it's not finished, they will be the main subject of another post where I will need your advices !?!) flats and Pink Panther T (let's also call it 'Gus's blanket' ;/ ). Everything to make me miss last summer !

Purple Rain

Since it's raining 24/7 these past days with only a few sunshine appearance, I adapt every outfit to this kind of awful weather (the one I hate the most cause you just don't know what to wear...). Last week, Wednesday's outfit was one of those, wearing 2 overlapped tops to be able to get one off when it's too hot (especially at work !), Ungaro Fever jeans and top, my beloved rain boots (which actually was a sensation at work, people telling me I was still a kid cause I wear wellies, something I totally undertake :D), purple leather jacket and messenger bag.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Chic or Casual ?

Quite the same...

... but not exactly. Sometimes I tend to wear the same outfit without even noticing, even if it could never be completely the same one, due to the mood of the day and different accessorizing. (I guess I wear often certain pieces because they are confortable). Remember this post with khaki as main color, here is another one in total green this time worn last Thursday. My comfy leggings again, my leather cape jacket, always very useful during the day in case it rains and a big bag aswell as my favourite scarf (I wear it nearly every day these past weeks). Maybe green (color of hope !) will bring us back our dear sunny weather... :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Who said colorblock is over ?

Here is an outfit I particularly appreciate. Simply because I love looking like a giant blue and neon pink bug... Only jocking ! Well not entirely actually, because I really love the colorful atmosphere of the mo and hope the 'color' mania won't stop. It doesn't seem to be the case, is it ? I just love the combination of a simple shoulder padded top with a pair of jeans all enhanced by color + the mix of 2 trends together : Neon and Colorblock. And of course a few accessories such as the headband reminding the outfit's details.


1st of April. Our day started with a walk to a flea market close to home, where I found myself a few nice things and fell on interesting childhood treasures :)
Then we decided to go have a look at the Carnival festivities in town. I try to move on from the traditionnal black outfit in which I'm always confortable especially these days (I'm getting sick and tired of this sad, rainy and windy weather; only black or at least dark colors keeps me moving on :/) waiting desperatly for better  days to come, to be able to wear all the funcky outfits I have in mind and shoot outside :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Instagram and Pinterest

Hey guys ! News to announce you can now follow me via INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST.
Instagram is a fast, attractive and fun way to share your life with your friends through your photos. You take a picture with your smartphone, choose a filter to change the look and share it on Facebook, Twitter etc... It's photo sharing, reinvented. Simple huh ? Why not get yours... :)
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.
You will find buttons in the top and below zone linked to my profile pages. Don't forget to leave me the links to your profiles, I would be glad to share more and discover inspirational things about all of you.

PS: Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z - Déjà Vu 

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