Monday, April 16, 2012

Neon yellow

The common return back home from work and a good weather day (giving ideas to Guillaume : gargoyle mode !!) in this 'in-between 2 trends' outfit. Neon yellow on a sportswear sweater (also bought in another version :D) combined to very comfortable sneakers and a big keffiyeh scarf to keep my sensible neck area warm. Small touches of color with earrings and a big ring : voilà ! An appreciated outfit at work because of the unusual color, I guess...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier

Look at what I found going through my mother in law's wardrobe about a month ago during the classic sunday lunch ?! What a fabulous discovery !!
That's why I love Vintage because it just brings you miles away from the present by adding to your outfit that little touch of nostalgia from the past (most of the time I find my happiness in accessories: bags, scarves, jewels... :D). What a chance finding it that day, since it nicely matched my black and cream outfit.


If I still had the chance to put my hands on some MARNIxHM items... :)

Si j'avais encore la chance de pouvoir m'approprier quelques pièces MARNIxHM... :)

Sunday, April 01, 2012


A simple outfit for a simple after lunch walk in the countryside . That's when I love coincidence : the outfit of the day wasn't suppose to hide in the landscape but it looked like it was created on purpose for the place. Sand and khaki were the main colors and at my feet, one of my favorite pair of shoes, I could wear everyday with jeans, but they get used very easily so I stay calm with that option. And of course, to complete the perfect afternoon, my 2 Gs with me, out in the sun. Spring is here and I intend to savor every minute of my favorite season.
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