Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Different sunday morning

Or sometimes when Guillaume and I wake up early and weather allows us to go out and have fun that's where we spend our brunch or sunday 'apéro' :D In the woods, fresh air to relax and Gusti running around like crazy in dead leaves, his favorite game. Good times :)

The random sunday morning

My Sunday morning usually starts by waking up in front of my favorite TV programs : cartoons of course with a special attachment to 'Tom and Jerry' (been a fan since... let me think : always !) as well as I never miss 'TRES TRES BON !' and 'LA MODE, LA MODE, LA MODE' which never disappoints me :) (Programs available on 'PARIS PREMIERE' french channel :s)
Then after breakfast, time to have fun with Gus !

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beauty care purchases on Wednesday

2 weeks ago, on wednesday, I went out after work to get some of my beauty products at SEPHORA. Coming back home it's always a pleasure to test them and be able to give you my point of view.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KANDEE New LOUD! Collection

Since the 1st of March you can find on KANDEE's brand new e-shop, the new LOUD! collection full of pop colors inspired of course by sweets, which is the main inspiration of the brand's creator Josh Wayman aka Mr KANDEE. The website is also full of new features such as worldwide shipping, an access from your mobile to the online shop and the best for the end : Mr KANDEE's blog where you can share your experience and let KANDEE know you luuuv them :)
Here are my favourites from the new collection :

New In : KANDEE Bubble Gum

Here is my birthday gift to myself :) The little beauties arrived pretty fast at home (my compliments to KANDEE's services) although receiving them at noon just before going back to work made it a hussle waiting to try them on in the evening. Since Gusti has the same shoe addiction than me (I'm being ironic : he loooves to chew heels... grrr), he was more than honoured to open the box :) They are gorgeous !

Monday, March 05, 2012

Back when it was cold...

Yes, your mind needs to jump back to the old days when weather was awful over here and you needed either an enormous jumper or coat, gloves, big scarf and hat or ears protection to face it. As if you were going on a ski holiday ! haha... I'm laughing about it now, because fortunately this is no longer the case (I hope :D) This is the outfit I chose that day for a diner out with Guillaume and for a 5 minutes walk out of the car maximum.

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