Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Graffiti

It's not always easy finding good emplacements to shoot outfits, especially while walking Gusti at the same time. I tend to get more confortable with people staring during shootings which was not always the case at the beginning. (I'm sure a lot of bloggers experimented what I'm talking about :p ) That day (back at fall 2011) we fell accidentally on the perfect place corresponding completely to my outfit. A pink 'purple' graffiti, the exact same color as my jeans and an urban style reminding streetwear and my sweatshirt. Last but not least, Gus enjoyed the place even more than we did !

Monday, February 27, 2012

New stuff x)

Latest shopping here and there these last weeks. / Shopping ici et là de ces dernières semaines.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday girl

That's it, holidays are over... Got to go back to work :( So what was my 25th birthday all about ? It took place last wednesday where I spent the whole day taking care of myself appreciating to have time to relax and being able to do things I don't normally have time for. After a long walk with Gus, my giiirls had a table booked in a place I 've never been to before (although it's famous for being a very good restaurant !) called 'Au pied du Lion' situated in the old center of Belfort. So after a delicious and copious dinner composed for my part by a casserole of mussels as starters, a somptuous piece of salmon with rice and an olive oil/lemon sauce with steamed but so tasty vegetables, a floating island for the dessert, all of it washed down with Champagne, we decided to come back home to celebrate the day by a good drink. We were supposed to go out in clubs after that (finally decided to wait for Guillaume's return to be able to go all together :D) but ended up having fun around a fast poker game laughing and dancing on the background music (NO BEEF / AI SEI EU PEGO / SUCRE OU SALE). To end this splendid giiirls night we watched the best french movie for the occasion called 'Tout ce qui brille'. Conclusion : I had a brilliant eve for my birthday... All thanks to my giiiirls which I soooo looove ! :))) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St Valentine...My Love


Thank you giiirls for the kind attention :) xx / Merci les fiiilles pour la délicate attention :) xx

Wishing my Love a happy St Valentine's day. We met 9 years ago and decided to share our lifes 1 year later at this same period. Since then he made me enjoy every second of every minute. Thank you for being My everything... I love you.

Je souhaite une joyeuse St Valentin à mon Amour. Notre rencontre il y a 9 ans fut suivie 1 an plus tard à cette même période par la décision de partager nos vies. Depuis, il m'a fait apprécier chaque seconde de chaque minute. Merci d'être Mon tout... Je t'aime.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The white trend

When I think about that trend for winter (out for a long time now) I just think white and nudes combined to fur and/or feathers, ethnic jewels and confortness. I'm not used to wear white in winter mainly though because I prefer it a lot more in Summer making tanned and glowy skin come out aswell as fighting against heat and very high temperatures. But I still wanted to give it a try by combining white pieces with a more contrasted colour to make them stand out. Used  this outfit to go and have a bite in a new restaurant called 'LA BOUCHERIE' near Montbéliard. Name wasn't really attractive but I liked it :) ... unlike Guillaume who didn't appreciate it that much. Oooh and yes... another thing which took part of our time these last days : We replaced our entrance door by a more safer one. Just needs some painting and we will be done... finally !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm back !

Yes I know, I failed to my test leaving you alone without news for almost a month now. Loads of reasons to my absence :
* Guillaume came back home on January the 20th. We spent a whole load of time chilling, enjoying moments together again, since we were apart for a little less than a month, which honestly felt like 6 to me.
* Extremely cold weather made its entrance in a few countries aswell as in France. My hometown - Belfort - is famous for its low temperatures... but nothing like this !! :o Believe me, I am not putting a foot outside with this type of weather (- 17°C) except for important duties such as work or to walk Gus. (That's when I think I've got to improve myself with home updates.)
* A few computer problems which appeared since New Year. Running very slow, I guess the little buddy needs a good spy protection and maybe an Internet speed software or something :s (Tips would be fully appreciated if you're good in this area, cause I'm not !) 
Useless to say my life hasn't been such a fairytale these past days (except for the 1st part :D) Anyways, as every blogger would finish : 'Enough excuses...'

Let's talk about fashion a little bit by starting this whole new month full of special occasions (my birthday and St Valentine's day which is our meeting anniversary :) but unfortunately Guillaume won't be here to celebrate it with me :( ). Here is the outfit of last Sunday, during a freezing walk... And what's better than layers under one of Guillaume's  thick jumper ?
Ps : Absolutely have to show you my last purchases...

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