Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All by myself


Tripod, remote controller and a little concentration. First pics taken by myself at home since Guillaume is at work for the whole week. Wanted to share this basic look from this WE (1st because it's very recent for once) and 2nd to show you my brand new SANDRO ankle boots worn.

Trépied, télécommande et un peu de concentration. Premières photos prises seule à la maison puisque Guillaume est au travail jusqu'à Vendredi. Je tenais à partager cette tenue basique de ce WE (premièrement car elle très récente pour une fois :D) et deuxièmement pour vous montrer ma nouvelle paire de boots SANDRO porté. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

New In : CHANEL Aqualumière lipgloss

NEW CHANEL GOODIE : A nice coral pink color and a creamy glossy texture.

NOUVEAU JOUJOU CHANEL : Une jolie couleur rose corail et une texture crémeuse brillante.

New In : SANDRO ankle boots

My brand new SANDRO ankle boots which I'm addicted to already. Next winter obsession. Got them at wonderful 'LE BALCON' in Belfort, my favorite concept-store, you'll soon be hearing about in a further post.

Nouvelle paire de boots SANDRO dont je suis déjà accro. Prochaine obsession hivernale. Récupérée au merveilleux 'LE BALCON' à Belfort, mon concept-store préféré, dont vous entendrez parler prochainement dans un futur article.
'In 20 years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Explore. Dream. Discover.'
Just found this quote on the agency's social network. It just completes my favorite quote: 'Who doesn't try anything, won't get anything!'. INSPIRATION.

'Dans 20 ans à partir de maintenant, vous serez plus déçus par les choses que vous n'avez pas faites que par celle que vous avez faites. Alors traversez les frontières. Voguez loin du port. Explorez. Rêvez. Découvrez.'  
Juste une citation découverte sur le réseau social de l'agence. Elle viens compléter ma citation fétiche : 'Qui ne tente rien n'as rien!'. INSPIRATION.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


A BIG SHOUT OUT to the world... this time for my beloved brother : Christopher !!!
I hope you know how much I looove you... ;) 22 years from now, you came into my life and I could never ever get enough of you (even if sometimes, like every bro with their big sisters, you were such a pain in my bum !! :grr) Growing up made me realise how unlimited my love is for you. And even apart nothing and no one will manage to take that love away from me ! You're a part of me bro... We're sooo, much alike anyway, my double...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1st Fall outfit

Here it is ! We were stuck in between 2 seasons so far which made morning/evening dress-up decisions quite hard these last days, although... that's it : I think cold is here for good now :( In any case I wanted my 1st fall outfit to have brown and camel tones in it. It also had to be cosy and warm because that day I had to go to the flea market and it was NOT sunny at all in the first place. Anyways, I ended up taking off/puting back my fake fur jacket all day long. Easy casual look ! Let me know what you think...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Casual Sunday

A very casual look for a very casual Sunday in spring. Just went for a walk with Guillaume and Gus during the 1st rays of sun. A touch of spring before talking about the fall and winter season to come. For the outfit : my beloved leather black mini skirt which must be part of my oldest clothes, a confortable pair of tights, a comfy sweater with some of my favourite cities, my beloved black satchel bag (when it was still in good condition :o). I'm not even talking about my boots cause I need a new decent pair of UGG before big cold arrives this winter. Cheap alike ones don't last for long. That task is not even on my wishlist but on my to-do list since the ones here are just ruined...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flea Markets

One place where I especially like to shop interesting things are flea markets. I love to fall on beautiful pieces full of history and memories. A good way to find inspiration. I think I own that from my mum cause she use to bring me with her to charity shops in London when I was a kid (LONDON - where you can find the best flea markets on earth !). The smell of old leather or what I look for the most: vintage bags. A future post will deal with all the nice bags I found, but for now, here are some of the wonders discovered walking through the flea markets near my home.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Le Chenois

These are the moments I treasure the most : Week-End with my love...ahah !!!
Nothing more relaxing and distressful than to go and have a walk with Guillaume to a horse carriage nearby : Le Chenois. I don't know if it's because I use to spend my entire week-sends in this place as a kid, but I just feel complete when I go get fresh air from it. Horses are of course a great inspiration for people looking for calm and serenity. I've always been attached to horses as far as I can remember. My first beyond any dreams I had when I was younger was to ride them, and it finally came true of course (for some reasons, I used to think it would never happen, I still don't have a clue why ?!? :s)
Growing up, I notice my number 1 passion hasn't left me at all.
I always see something inspirationnal in horse-riding items, or riding outfits, or even horses themselves. They have always inspired me strenght, beauty and elegance. 
Another thing I share with 'My Icon' which I talked about HERE

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't be shy !

Who would have thought (for those living in France) that these pics were taken only 2 weeks ago during our last hot WE ?
It was so good to feel the last rays of summer sun on my skin, I couldn't avoid wearing this ripped jeans dress, for a chill' out afternoon in nature with my 2 Gs.
The title let's you imagine what I'm gonna say next : Yes people, I haven't read anything about your thoughts, good or bad, since I started this blog. I already had feedback (quite positive actually) on the following sites where I've put a link to the blog such as : CHICTOPIA, CHICISIMOLOOKBOOK and FACEBOOK. But nothing here, which is actually sad since this is the major place where we can share shopping and style tips, aswell as common tastes for anything. So as I said, don't be shy and please feel free to leave anything you like. Hope to read you soon...

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Wild !

A leopard printed dress which has been my summer's must-have ! Light to wear and perfect for our good old sunny days, to bear high heat... Nothing else, simple and efficient :)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Work outfits

Here is a post to show you 2 outfits to go to work. The first is from about 2 weeks ago now and the second from last week. For the 1st one, going to have dinner in town after my hard labor day ;p we decided to take 2 or 3 outfit shots to share with you. Nothing special really,  just comfort and a touch of 'casual chic' to be sure it suits work. Ooops... haven't told you what I actually do for a living : I'm a travel agent for business journeys. So I need to have that touch of chic in my outfits but it still has to stay simple and confortable. A total black look, with white details, embroideries for the padded blazer, tiny dots for the shirt, and a white liseré for the shoes. For the second outfit, black skinny jeans (ZARA I love you for your skinny jeans !) and my bat parma sweater, the same colour as my ballerinas of the day. A large tote bag with polka dots for a little more color and VOILA !
Actually, the main character of this post is... my hair. Remember I told you about a black coloration to be done asap in this post, well black is now definitely banned for me. I've became too sensitive to that hair colour (1st time I had a bad reaction was just before a trip to Paris and London to see my mum. Not a good memory at all !) So I decided to go for a dark purple tone, since I'm not brave enough to get my whole head in a pink shade. My latest obsessional dream from the beginning of the year ! In any case, be careful when using these products, girls and boys (even at the hairdressers) because they only make your scalp more sensitive.

Monday, October 03, 2011


Yes... to the ones who thought the answer was the little french bull hiding on the pics from this post, you were right ! This is Gustave, my 2nd G ! Isn't he sooo cute ?!? Our precious little one arrived at home about 7 months ago now (times goes by so fast) filling the atmosphere with LOVE and LAUGHTERS! 
Here are my favourite pics of him in his first days at home (mostly taken in our ex flat except for the last ones where he is a little grown up).

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